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Thank you for visiting our website and requesting more information.  Please contact Dan Morris at 1-800-227-2217 if you would like to talk with me.  Hopefully we can be of service.

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Yalaha Nurseries

2002 Price List


Asparagus Plumosus                            1.25

Trailing Plumosus                                  1.45

Leather Leaf                                            .95

Var. Pittosporum                                   1.75

Grn. Pittosporum                                   1.65


    Long                                                     1.50

    Regular                                                1.30

Ribbon Grass (Lilly)                                1.10

Holly Fern                                                   1.20

Sword/Sharon Fern                                 1.10

Spanish  Moss                                            1.10/lb.

Var. Ligustrum                                          1.25

Umbrella Palm                                          1.10

Tree/Tiki   Fern                                        

    Reg. 20"-26"                                        1.50

     Select 30-36"                                       1.70

Serrissa                                                      1.50

Fox Tail (Meyerii)                                     1.50

Rush (equesetum)                                   1.30

Sago Palm                                                     .90/stem


DESIGNER PACS:  Include a mix of 25 available greens for 35.00.

Box/Packing Charges:5" & 9" box@ $2.00/ 15" box A $3.00

All Prices F.O.B. Packing House




Garland Price List

   Garlands are full garlands. If you want a thin garland please let us know

     Plumosus                                             .90/ft

    Sprengeri                                              .90

    Plum/Spr Mix                                        1.00

    Tree Fern                                              1.00

(Thicker for above please add .20/ft)

    Tree/Plum                                             1.10

    Cocculus                                               1.30

    Plum/Cocculus                                      1.45

    Plum/Spr/Cocc                                       1.60

    Salal                                                        1.50

    Plum/Salal                                              1.65

    Plum/Spr/Salal                                       1.80

    Plum/Var. Pitt                                         1.05

    Spr./Grn.Pitt                                            1.05

Add babys breath for an additional $.75/foot

Add Var. or Green Ivy for an additional $.40/foot

Will Do Variety of Lengths all Tagged For Identification.

Call for any combinations not on this list. If we can get the material-We can make a garland.



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Prices do not include Box/Packing charges.  All prices F.O.B. Packinghouse.

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